standard-title About Us| A campsite run with passion for over 30 years

About Us| A campsite run with passion for over 30 years

chi siamo camping la sbianca

Why choose us?

  • The family management and the limited number of pitches and bungalows promote peace and tranquility;
  • The campsite is surrounded by the nature of Lake Lugano and has no architectural barriers;
  • The location allows you to reach in a few minutes the enchanting landscapes of Como Lake, Lugano and the surrounding mountains.

La Sbianca Camping was founded in 1982 by the brothers Maria and Lorenzo Ferrario with their respective families.

It extends over an area owned by the family, formerly used for the cultivation of fruit trees and for grazing cattle.

The peculiarity of the name La Sbianca derives from the ancient custom practiced in these places to whiten fabrics.

Still managed directly by Maria and Lorenzo, with the help of their rispectively daughters and son, it is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday for adults and families with children.


The campsite, with its welcoming family management, offers guests various solutions for a relaxing stay surrounded by nature.

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